Cyber crime's dominant platform 'will be social media'

Published Date: 13:19:19 28/07/2011

Social media sites will become the dominant platform for cyber criminals to conduct attacks on domain names in the coming years, it has been suggested.

The rising popularity of social networks will lead to more criminals attacking the sites as offenders follow the actions of consumers, which will lead them to Google+, according to a spokesman from Trend Micro.

Rik Ferguson, director of security, research and communications for Europe, the Middle East and Africa at Trend Micro, said: "I think the way that Google rolls out its services almost lends itself to that, because it tends to do it on a strictly invite-only basis for quite a long period of time."

Mr Ferguson's comments come after CyberSource claimed that securing sensitive data can be a troubling task for retailers.

The company urged that stockists must ensure they know where customer data resides and where it can be accessed.